Bulletin Board Information

The DoubleACS Community Bulletin Board is a free service that provides text-based public service announcements (PSAs) to nonprofit organizations and citizens in Attleboro. It airs on during regularly schedule times and during station breaks. As a continuing service, the Bulletin Board provides one important way that local organizations can use cable television to expand public awareness of programs, extend the reach of services, and target specific constituencies.

If you would like to submit items to be posted on DoubleACS Community Bulletin Board, you may e-mail them to:

or mail them to:

42 Union Street
Attleboro, MA 02703.

Items for posting may be brought to the Studio at the above address.

Please try to limit the contents of your message to the most pertinent facts: who, what, when, where, how much, (and possibly) phone and/or web contact info.

COPYRIGHT-FREE photo or graphic art is acceptable as backround for the text, if you wish to include it (e-mail versions only).

Please Read these Instructions

  • Events must be open to the general public and noncommercial or nonprofit in nature.
  • Abbreviate words only when necessary.
  • Avoid hyphenating, but follow grammar rules if you must hyphenate - do not arbitrarily cut words off.
  • You MUST include the name of the event, its sponsor, date and time, and location.

Helpful Suggestions

When sending us the information, please include just the required important information:

  • Event Holder/Sponsor, Event Name, Date, Time, and Location.
  • Fill out that information first, and then include a brief description of the event and/or other important details on any remaining lines.
  • Viewers have just a short time to read the announcement, so any extraneous information will clutter up the TV screen, making your important details (above) harder to read.

"Just the Facts" - Keep it simple for maximum effectiveness!

  • Calls to Action are unnecessary and may be excluded on TV: "Come join us at" "Come on down" "See you there!" "Loads of Fun!" etc.
  • This information is unnecessary and may be excluded on TV: "We invite you to attend" "All are Welcome" "Open to the Public" etc.
  • State, Zip Code, Area Code, and the Year are unnecessary and may be excluded on TV.